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Frequently asked questions

Calmind is a simple-yet-powerful tool to boost your productivity and help you live a healthy lifestyle. Calmind uses natural life-hacks to reduce anxiety and stress and produce serotonin to keep your mind relaxed and focused. Nowadays, after spending all day at work, school, or caring for our children, we are exposed to many external stressors, and our minds are filled with so many stressful things that keep our bodies tense.

Professor Jianfeng Feng commented: “In today's world, poor sleep and sleep deprivation have become common problems affecting more than a third of the world's population, due to longer work hours and commutes, late-night activity, and an increased dependency on electronics. Insomnia has become the second-most prevalent mental disorder. The relation between depression and sleep has been observed more than 100 years, and now, we have identified the neural mechanisms of how they are connected for the first time. These findings provide a neural basis for understanding how depression relates to poor sleep quality, and this, in turn, has implications for the treatment of depression and improved sleep quality due to the brain areas that have been identified.”

After suffering from insomnia for a few years, your body could respond with health problems like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, depression, and/or obesity. Our goal is to reduce stress and keep you healthy before any of these comorbid disorders can occur.

Yes, Calmind can help. Some common causes of insomnia are stress, unhealthy sleep habits, and psychiatric and medical conditions. Because every mental issue in our bodies are connected, at Calmind, we are trying to improve your sleep habits by decreasing your stress level and calming you down before sleep.

Recently, neuroscientists have discovered a connection between poor sleeping patterns and depression. The results from a study of 4,175 individuals between 11 and 17 years of age suggest that sleeping six hours or less per night increases the risk of major depressive disorder, which, in turn, increases the risk for decreased sleep among adolescents.

Principal investigator Dr. Robert E. Roberts, Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the School of Public Health in the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas, was quoted as saying, “These results are important because they suggest that sleep deprivation may be a precursor for major depression in adolescents, occurring before other symptoms of major depression and additional mood disorders.”

So, a good night’s sleep is incredibly important—just as important as eating healthy and exercising!

Calmind was developed as a platform to provide physiological and stress-reducing benefits to each of your senses. Calmind uses cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques and brain stimuli to improve your mental health. The results show that participants who used Calmind have reported their psychological state as comfortable, secure, and calm. Conversely, they also experienced the lowest levels of sadness and stress of all participants.

The Calmind app is divided into a few sections to help you all day long. Start your morning routine with a gentle wake-up, focus on your work tasks, get reenergized with our Nap programs, and calm down before you fall asleep. Calmind is easy to use and helpful in a long-term way.

We want to be transparent with our customers. We are not a funded startup, and all expenses are out of our own pockets. Our current revenue stream is through in-app purchases from the Calmind iOS application.

So, where does the money go?

  • • 30% Apple Provision
  • • 15% Marketing
  • • 45% Development
  • • 10% Operating Profit

Marketing is needed to reach new people whose lives can be improved by Calmind, as well as to boost sales, which help us pay the people who develop new features and create content for you. Everything is connected, and every penny counts! :)

Not yet, but we have it on our to-do list! You can subscribe to our beta list via email, and we will notify the first 50 people to try it after the launch. You will know about it first!

Well, our plans for Calmind are bigger than us.

In the next update, we want to introduce you to our ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) section for a deeper experience of positive feelings. Have you ever experienced a brain orgasm? You will!

Our special program to track your positive feelings and memories is in progress, too.

Then, we want to invent a daily exercise program with long-term results focused on productivity, concentration, and defending against stress.

Additionally, in the works are bedtime stories for sweet dreams and restful sleep. Kids have parents to read to them before sleep, but who will take care of Mom and Dad? Calmind will!

Our mobile and desktop platform is only the beginning, because real products are the next big step. In the future, we also want to support institutions and people with mental disorders. So, join us on our journey!