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Our vision

Our vision is simple: to create a world where people are happier, less stressed and healthier.

Our mission

We believe that our vision can be achieved only with small steps. Our focus is aimed to individuals, but the real power is in togetherness. If you take care of your mind, you take care of the world. And we are here to offer you a helping hand. It’s an ambitious challenge that we’re proud to embrace.

Our approach

We approach our work with the utmost care and we believe that details matter. We won’t settle for delivering anything less than an experience our customers absolutely love.

Who we are

The story behind

You come there and everything changes.
You are amazed by the scenes and bizarre events.

Logic is established, which you hardly ever manage to understand, though you might be able to get the hints of it.

You experience a flood of intense feelings. This especially. And all of it is happening around you, you are the center of events, the main character.

The world of dreams has a symbolism of its own.

A dream is like a dialogue with your own soul, close contact, which can be established only when you calm down.
When you oversleep. When you detach yourself. When you meditate.

To know how to be with self and how to meditate is art and not everybody can handle it, nor everybody does feel like trying it either. Only sleep remains. Time for regeneration of the body and dream stories. Everybody knows how to sleep.

Or don’t they?

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