About Calmind

The story behind

You come there and everything changes. You are amazed by the scenes and bizarre events. Logic is established, which you hardly ever manage to understand, though you might be able to get the hints of it. You experience a flood of intense feelings. This especially. And all of it is happening around you, you are the center of events, the main character. The world of dreams has a symbolism of its own. A dream is like a dialogue with your own soul, close contact, which can be established only when you calm down. When you oversleep. When you detach yourself. When you meditate. To know how to be with self and how to meditate is art and not everybody can handle it, nor everybody does feel like trying it either. Only sleep remains. Time for regeneration of the body and dream stories. Everybody knows how to sleep. Or don’t they?

We couldn’t sleep. In case of my colleague, it evolved into more of a long term problem, but for me, it was a whole new experience. Not a pleasant one, let me tell you! If a person loses sleep over their worries, tasks, duties and deadlines, only more worries come by. Well, at least one for sure - a sleeping problem. One has to sort their nights out, because otherwise, their energy would be insufficient even for common daily tasks and their health might eventually suffer too. However, the harder we tried to fall asleep, the more awake we were. Setting up a regular scheme wasn’t helpful, neither was eating a light dinner meal, getting some fresh air, reducing smoking, taking an herb bath or drinking warm milk with honey before bed. The last one seemed like a punishment to me...

After consultation with a friend who also happens to be a psychologist, we had to choose among three options. Alcohol… Marijuana… White noise. What is that white noise?

White noise is a random signal with equal spectral density. Put simply, its tone, as well as the sound, is constantly the same. It has been used in music, psychology and in the area of healthy sleep too. Some people and most children hate both complete silence and distracting sounds. When listening to white noise, it’s much easier for them to fall asleep. The reason is that the senses are concentrated on the silent noise, which is not disruptive at all and thanks to that, various surrounding noises, loud neighbors, cars below the windows or even intrusive thoughts get lost in it. In case of young children, white noise induces memories of prenatal development, when all the sounds used to come to them through barrier. In addition to its positive influence on relaxation and sleep, white noise also helps children with ADD or ADHD, as well as people suffering from migraines or experiencing ringing or buzzing in the ears.

Maybe this is the first time you hear of white noise. Surely, you’ve already encountered it though. These sounds, coming from the background, are usually of a deeper, monotone and repetitive nature. Their source can be both natural (water in a brook, rain drops, the hum of branches in the wind...) and artificial (hairdryer, the sound of a car’s motor, running extractor hood, washing machine…). In some offices, people listen to sounds like these when they can’t concentrate on their work due to the amount of disruptive noises around them. Rain, fire, wind, birds, sea, waterfall, brook, river, leaves on trees, crickets and cicadas, storm, lightning… That all makes sounds that are usually healing. Regular listening to natural sounds reduces stress, eliminates aggressiveness, develops creative thinking and improves concentration. Furthermore, it increases receptivity, sharpens one’s senses and harmonizes the body and soul.

Back to our story. For both of us, white noise worked immediately. We found relief in natural sounds. However, we’re not living right in the middle of nature but in a town and so, as many of you, we spend hours sitting at a computer which made us think of possible ways to have those natural sounds at disposal at any time. Not as an expensive machine, but as a device that almost everybody owns. In the form of a mobile application. And that’s how Calmind was created.

With experts, we’ve put together sounds with the highest productive impact on activities of any kind. The main part of the application is Better sleep which offers a wide range of options. The user chooses an optimal sound for falling asleep, sets up a timer in the phone which makes the sound stop after a while (depending on how long they sleep) and after that, they just place the phone on a bedside table and go to sleep. How many amazing solutions come to one’s mind when sleeping!

There are dozens of natural sounds available in the application, NAP mode which boosts the user’s energy, a pleasant alarm clock, preset sounds for various activities like writing, reading, thinking… However, everyone is a bit different, so the sound that puts somebody to sleep might bring an impulse to solving out some kind of a problem or energy boost to another one. Therefore, the categorization of sounds serves only to make the orientation easier. Nothing stands in the way of breaking the rules which is not something you can be offered by anyone! You’ll definitely take your pick in Calmind.

In humans, the sense of hearing is the first one to rise and the last one to die. In the fourth month of pregnancy, the unborn child already reacts to sounds, and even people who are unconscious or in a coma can hear. Sounds are powerful instruments. Choose what you want to listen to. Find the exact sound that does the best service for you.

Vladimir Krajcovic Founder of Calmind